Govt. Lic. No. 598/062/063
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A. S. International Pvt. Ltd is the leading Government Approved Recruiting Agency of Nepal that is registered under the Department of Labour, License No. 598/062/063, with the Entry Card from the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia Consulate Section, Dhaka and Kathmandu. It is established aiming to provide outstanding manpower services and human resource to our clients in the Gulf countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Malaysia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman & others. We have been competing with all the manpower companies in order to acquire the best foundation for Company to succeed in staying in a leading position in the field of human resource recruitment services. It has made history that is rich with experiences, learning and achievements and we are endeavoring to keep it up with consistent progression.

Training & Orientation
We have managed the training as per the requirement of the particular candidate no matter what they are unskilled labour or highly skilled engineers & chartered accountants, training is conducted to meet the jobs' specification and requirements as per the demand of the client companies. Group therapies and seminars are organized to encourage professional connection and keep employee morale running high. As per recommendation, we have managed the orientation program for the candidates giving them useful information about the working condition, political condition, climatic condition, socio-cultural values, rules and regulation of their destination country. The orientation is given to maintain their adaptability towards work and encourage them towards commitment and sincerity on the job.

Our personnel are sent to training centers for specific skill development and capacity building. We want them to be adroit, diligent and dependable. Hence we provide them with psychological sessions to enhance their inner faculty. It's confidence that counts in making a person competent. At the end of the day, we have a workforce, which is raring to go that 'extra mile' with high fervor, unbounded determination and supreme confidence.

The easy familiarity with English language, even at the low cadres of labour, eliminates the communication barrier. This fact alone paves the way to higher productivity. Realizing this, we train our people in the languages before placing them, but that depends on the need of the employer. We are associated with Leading Institute, a leading Language training center in Kathmandu, which takes care of the language requirements of our manpower.

Besides providing language training, we also brief our workforce on the socio-cultural requirements of a specific country. We believe that our human resources need a good understanding of the people, the culture, the tradition, etc. of the place before leaving for the sites. When we send our people abroad we expect a certain amount of remuneration, which is better than what is available in the country and make sure that their labour pays rich dividends. The salary should go with their ability, training and experience as also the norms of the place of work.

We have highly qualified and experienced team of professionals for conducting such orientation and training programs.

Pre-departure Orientations:

The government of many countries requires the entire contract workers to attend the pre-departure orientation classes before their entry in the respective country. For this, to let the traveling people participate in such classes we make arrangement of such classes in the qualified centers in Nepal, this will enable to know the workers of the condition of their host country, their political & religious situation, rules & regulations to be followed, their working environment & so on.

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