Govt. Lic. No. 598/062/063
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A. S. International Pvt. Ltd is the leading Government Approved Recruiting Agency of Nepal that is registered under the Department of Labour, License No. 598/062/063, with the Entry Card from the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia Consulate Section, Dhaka and Kathmandu. It is established aiming to provide outstanding manpower services and human resource to our clients in the Gulf countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Malaysia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman & others. We have been competing with all the manpower companies in order to acquire the best foundation for Company to succeed in staying in a leading position in the field of human resource recruitment services. It has made history that is rich with experiences, learning and achievements and we are endeavoring to keep it up with consistent progression.

Why Nepalese
Over the past few years a growing number of employers from overseas countries are directing their attention to Nepal for recruitment of manpower to cope with the increasing requirement of manpower in their countries. The following are the lucrative advantages to hire Nepalese workers. Nepalese people are committed to their duties and responsibilities cannot be denied because of which countries, especially from the Middle East and East Asia countries have shifted their interest towards Nepalese manpower by recruiting them in different categories.

The reason could definitely be the honesty, hard work, loyalty, discipline and above all commitment of Nepalese people towards one's duties and responsibilities. The wider choice of Nepalese manpower ranging from skilled, semi skilled, experienced, trained and professionals. Nepalese manpower is always readily available for immediate placement. The procedures and formalities for recruiting Nepalese workers for overseas employment are simple. Nepalese manpowers are comparatively more cost effective and their hiring cost is lower as compared to other countries.

Nepalese people are accustomed to working in any climatic condition, there could be no problem for the employer with Nepalese people regarding climatic conditions. All categories of workers, professionals, skilled, semi skilled and unskilled almost in all fields are readily available for immediate placement. Nepalese workers are laborious and sustain their working capability even in the most arduous conditions.

Nepalese workers discharge their duties relentlessly, without hitch and without any kind of discontent. The government procedures and formalities in Nepal are comparatively simple. Nepalese are peace loving, simple-minded, dedicated and extremely loyal to their employers, have high sense of responsibilities and discipline and discharge their duties accordingly.
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